Rules of the Game

1. Email your intentions to take part in the challenge ( A health history questionnaire will be sent out to you to that email address.

2. Fill out the health questionnaire and email it back.

3. Perform a one hour Zen Stretch Moving Meditation daily, for 30 days, via one of the three options.
as a part of a class at the Yoga Sanctuary (Danforth location only)
following the DVD (click to order)
on your own if you know it well enough (preferred method if possible)  

4. On a regular basis (at least three times a week) update the Zen Stretch Movement fan page on Facebook as to how your mind and body are feeling and the stimulus you are experiencing.

5. At the end of the 30 days - a second health questionnaire will be sent out. Answer and email it in. (

6. Write a short paragraph testimonial of your experience and results for our website.

7. Enjoy your new mind and body!!!!!!!!!
30 Day Challenge
30 Days of Zen Stretch Moving Meditation
    We are calling on any and all people willing to take on the challenge of changing their life.....for the better. Give me 30 days and I’ll give you.....a new you. A new and improved you, with increased flexibility, greater range of motion around pain free joints, stronger and better conditioned muscles, a calm and regular digestive system, and a peaceful mind connected to the moment. 

    Dedicate 1 month of your life 
and rid yourself of the pain in your body that you’ve carried with you for years. 

Dedicate 7 hours a week 
and rid yourself of the stress in your mind that keeps you up at night. 

Dedicate 1 hour a day 
and change your life forever!
Welcome to the Zen Stretch Movement!!!
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