30 Day Challenge
“The 30 day challenge was an opportunity to focus on and commit to personal healing, fitness and to work on mindful peacefulness.  As I progressed through the practice I found it easier to settle into a quieter state, achieving a calmer demeanor earlier and earlier in each session.  There were obvious physical benefits involving strength and flexibility but by-and-large the most noteworthy change was in my mental state and how it brought me into a better frame of mind, a more restful sleep and a more balanced day.  Injuries and discomforts related to accidents, strains and sedentary issues also seemed to benefit from the 30 day challenge with shoulder and back issues pretty much clearing up, and neck pain lessening considerably.  I have recommended Zen Stretch to many friends during the few years of my practice and my experience with the 30 day challenge solidifies my belief in ZS as a powerful management tool for good health.” 

"The 30 day Zen Stretch was truly a challenge. But a really really great challenge.  Each day I looked more and more forward to this time, time that I got to spend alone, reconnect to my breath, my body and most importantly, my mind. With a high pressure, deadline driven career, my mind is always reeling, doing Zen Stretch helped me to be more focused and productive at work, it also really helped me stay in the moment, something none of us are accustomed to doing. I suffer with pain in the lower back and neck, this program has helped loosen and strengthen my muscles, there were many times where I felt I had actually grown (more likely better posture). I HIGHLY recommend this program, if you have pain in your body, this will help, if you have a “monkey” mind, this will help, if you can’t stay in the present moment, this program will change your life. Don’t wait….try it now. Bodhi, you are a true inspiration.”

“Thank you, Bodhi for issuing this challenge. I doubt whether I would have ever done it on my own. I needed someone to give me a big push, and there you were! I do feel better, both physically and mentally. I can see more definition in some muscle groups and I can certainly feel it in others. I feel that I am standing straighter and walking taller and my hamstrings are actually starting to stretch out more. Mentally I feel calmer and enjoy the meditative aspect of the stretch very much. I hope I can continue to practice the Zen Stretch for many more years to come. It feels like it will be possible to modify it so that it can be done until I get really, really old - maybe even for the rest of my life! So I will try to continue to do the stretch several times a week.”


“At the end of the Zen stretch challenge, I am noticeably stronger, particularly my back and legs.  I’m more flexible overall. And I just feel better, which I attribute to the breathing.  And I think I will tackle  another Zen stretch challenge for Lent...I miss the daily routine.”

"The challenge of doing the Zen Stretch for 1 hour, 30 days, showed great results for the commitment. More muscle tone, stability, and strength were encouraging to feel and surprisingly quick to realize. The benefits of the diaphragmatic breathing are incredible. Through the breathing, I experienced improved core muscle tone, concentration and calmness. "

“It has been our pleasure to practice Zen Stretch for over 60 days in a row and we feel wonderful. Thanks to Bodhi and the Zen Stretch Movement. It has made us more conscious of how we want to go forward in life, with better movement and flow in our body, and harmony in our lives. Thanks to a great teacher we could not have done it without you.”

“Thank you Bodhi for this challenge. Amazing how I felt after each zen stretch. Like many others, I did feel taller mainly because my posture was straighter. I have some problems with back and shoulder pain, BUT during the 30 day challenge my back was not an issue and for the first time in years I have bean able to sleep on my right side with no pain. I have and will continue to do the Zen stretch Moving Meditation. Thanks again.”

Well Done Zen Stretchers!!
“Zen stretch brought me to a new level of health and wellness.  Not only did I lose weight, I am stronger, my digestion is far more efficient and I am much more flexible than I have ever been.   Results came quickly for me from this program and a big part of it is thanks to Bodhi.  He is one of the best fitness professionals I have ever had the pleasure of learning with, and I have had many!  He is a wealth of knowledge and always takes time for his students, no matter what the topic.”