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       The book, which focuses on the psychology of learned eating behavior, examines a parent’s effect on their child’s eating patterns. With the explosion of childhood and adult onset obesity in North America, it is time
for parents to stand up and take responsibility for their 
children’s eating socialization. This book examines the 
psychology behind why we eat the way we do. It analyzes
the effect that using food as a reward has on the 
psychological and emotional development of a child, 
and ultimately an adult, leading to inappropriate eating 
behaviors. The book not only examines the negative effects of 
the current parenting styles, but offers advice and tools to correct the problems.

        With the state of health care and obesity related illness today, we need to stop looking for someone else to blame for our unhealthy children and adults. The problem starts at home. Parents need to make serious changes at home before we end up raising an entire nation of obese children. 

        For those without children, this book is a wake up call, inspiring you to be mindful of those imprints of the past that have gone into making you the person you are today. More often than not, it is necessary to learn from the past in order to successfully navigate the future.