Life Coaching
Is your life out of balance?

Are you having trouble dealing with someone in your life on a business or social level?

Do stressful thoughts rule over your day?

Are you unable to focus your mind?

Are your decisions leading you in the wrong direction?

Are you unhappy?

    I’m here to help you understand why you make the decisions you make and how you can change your thinking and behavior to elicit the results you’re looking for. Don’t go through life with stress in your mind and pain in your heart. The fact is you can let it all go, and I can show you how. Heaven or hell is all around us. We create our reality with every decision we make. It is never too late to make a change and find the path to happiness. 

During the three month intensive program, we will use a three tiered approach, healing your mind, breath and body, to elicit what I call, a “Bodhi Breakthrough”. You will learn to use moving meditation to heal and rebalance your physical body. You will learn to use seated meditation to train and condition your mind. Finally, the understanding and application of eastern philosophy will reprogram your conditioned response patterns and behaviors that you’ve fallen victim to your entire life.

A wise man once said;

“Preceded by mind are phenomena, 
led by mind, formed by mind.
If with mind pure, one speaks or acts, 
happiness follows like an ever present shadow.”

Learn how to:
 1. Focus your mind through meditation
2. Heal your body through movement
3. Fuel your body with mindful eating
 4. Understand and change your thinking
5. Understand and change your habitual behavior
6. Understand where your pain is coming from and end it
7. Realize & harness the power of your mind
8. Put an end to stress and anger
9. Live a happy and contented life

    Being a student of Bodhi’s, I can, with confidence, say he is more than my Guru (teacher), he is my Master.  Although Bodhi does not fully accept this title from me, it only goes to show more than his humbleness, but the fact he only wants to be better himself, to better those around him. This is extremely admirable. So, in my eyes, he is my Master; as I highly respect his wisdom, his compassionate demeanor and “good to the bone” nature.  I surround myself with his affirming teachings so I too can eventually be at peace in this hostile world.

    I do not know where to begin explaining the many ways Bodhi has helped me and continues to help me emotionally, spiritually, and mentally.  The best way I can explain, in the fewest words possible, of the power of Bodhi’s teachings is through comparison.  Bodhi is very much like the speech therapist in the movie ‘The King’s Speech’.  The subtle, uncovenanted and understated speech therapist, once discovered and under his care, brought his desperate patients to a place no doctor, with his Ph D and Master’s degree, could ever achieve.  I have healed, leaps and bounds, with only 7, 1-hour sessions with Bodhi, in comparison to 20 years of therapy with so-called professional, qualified, doctrine doctors.  

    I think society places too much faith and creditability behind those fancy letters after a professional’s name. Most doctors or the doctors I have come across ride on their so called credentials, losing focus on really what their studies where meant to do; and that is help heal people, whether it’s physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.

    Bodhi’s teaching is a revolutionary movement. A movement that calls on reconnecting with our original self, using age old, tried and tested, basic philosophies; --all steaming from compassion.

Antonietta P - Life Coaching Student

Private 1 hour sessions can be booked for 
In-home , In-office
or at 
a park of your choice.

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