Zen Stretch
Moving Meditation 

Moving Meditation
Rebalance your Mind & Body

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Zen Stretch Moving Meditation DVD

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    The Zen Stretch Moving Meditation is a program designed to facilitate a dramatic increase in total body flexibility, joint range of motion, as well as muscular stability. The workout itself is composed of a series of 81 full range isometric muscular contractions performed in a continuous flowing series of movements. By combining deep diaphragmatic breathing with the intense stretching and contracting of opposing muscle groups, Zen Stretch will increase range of motion around all joints of the body, promote dramatic changes in total body muscular flexibility, as well as stimulating  overall muscle tone and stability.
    Once you have learned the full series of 
movements, you can take your fitness to the
next level by turning your attention inward 
to your breath and transform your physical
workout into a moving meditation. By 
focusing inwardly on your breath, the outside 
stresses of everyday life melt away, giving 
your mind a chance to rest and recharge. For
true health and fitness it is necessary to train
 your mind as well as your body. 

A mind that is quiet and still has a greater capacity for inspiration,
 knowledge, creativity  and happiness.
The Zen Stretch Moving Meditation DVD includes three program lengths that can be use for a variety of situations.

20 minute Zen Stretch - Can be used as an addition to an existing workout regime. Because of its short duration, you can add it to the beginning or end of your workout to rebalance the body. This workout is also a great place for beginners to start. Whether it’s first thing in the morning or just before bed, finding 20 minutes a day to improve your mental and physical health is achievable for everyone out there. This workout is also fantastic for those stuck in the office all day. Close your office door, roll out your mat and give yourself a 20 minute break to recharge your mind and body,  increasing your productivity as well as your health.
30 minute Zen Stretch - Can be used as a stand-alone workout. Once again, it’s short duration makes this program easy to fit into a busy schedule. With it’s longer length, the intensity of this program is a natural progression for those who began with the 20 minute version. The longer muscular contractions will increase muscle definition and stability. For those who are already active, this program will challenge your body and your mind without being to intense.
60 minute Zen Stretch - This is the full length program that incorporates the complete “10 breath” Zen breathing cycle. This workout is a stand alone practice that can be done up to four times a week. For the average person, this program will not only change the look and feel of your body, it will change your posture, structural stability as well as mobility. Not to mention the most significant change that comes from your still and peaceful mind. Whether you are an athlete, accountant, bodybuilder, or bricklayer, Zen Stretch will change the way you move, feel, and think. Young or old, this is the only body we have. That being said, Zen Stretch is the tune-up that every”body” needs.
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