“I have tried countless meditation, stretching and yoga videos in the past. The problem with all of them was that they were not challenging enough and didn’t engage me. Zen Stretch Moving Meditation is a refreshing change! The 60 minute stretch is a complete body workout that left me focused and energized.

The video is well paced. Throughout each part, Bodhi carefully and soothingly narrates, providing instruction for adjusting poses and breathing to maximize flexibility, joint range of motion, as well as muscular stability. He emphasizes the importance of diaphragmatic breathing and the result is an outstanding boost of energy and clarity. 

Speaking from my own experience, I can assure you that, with a little practice and patience, you can take your fitness to the next level if you join the Zen Stretch movement. I know I have!”

Kyle Foster
"Zen Stretch Moving Meditation is amazing. I have never found such an all encompassing experience. It hits every part of your body and centers your mind. Bodhi is a great teacher, in class and on the beautiful DVD. At home Bodhi guides you smoothly through a 20, 30 or full 60 minutes stretch while he demonstrates each stretch in a serene environment. 

When I have finished doing Zen Stretch I feel not only full of energy, my mind is clear. I feel loose and my muscles pumped up. It is such a beneficial part of my life now , and has helped enhance all aspects of my life."

Robin Hunter
“I have been using the Zenstretch Moving Meditation DVD as an addition to my normal workout routine and it has proven to be an excellent accompaniment. The 20 minute routine is great preceding or following a workout, and the full hour is a workout in itself!

As Bodhi demonstrates and explains each move it is like he is in the room with you. He seems to sense when you need a clarification or encouragement as you move to a new position. After performing the
carefully thought-out movements I can immediately feel increased flexibility and an easing of muscle and joint stiffness. The result is a more enjoyable and productive day.

In the video, As Bodhi demonstrates each move you can see the potential flexibility that can come with following the routine. At the same time his narrative recognizes that achieving these results is a
process and he encourages you to do your best. My "best" is constantly improving!”

Dave Thomson

“The class was a zen stretch class, something I have never done before and it was AMAZING! Its focus was breath and working all the joints of the body with meditation running through it. The instructor was so knowledgeable and passionate about what he was teaching. He helped everyone throughout the entire 90 minutes and was full of positive reinforcements. He explained why we did every pose and breathing exercise as well. I cannot say enough good things about him. The studio is small and change room facilities very primitive but I do not care about that stuff. I just want a good class and teacher. This is the best teacher I have had in my 6 passport visits.”

Loved the Zen Stretch Class!

Zen Stretch Class Attendee
“Zen Stretch has really changed how I feel about my body and how I approach my life. Connecting to my breath has taught me to slow down and be in the moment. From a physical standpoint I have never felt better. For 12 years I had been suffering with pain in my neck, thanks to Zen Stretch I can actually function and move my body the way its meant to be moved. Thank you Bodhi”

Candice Batista
Bodhi Batista is an excellent teacher with great compassion, wisdom and intelligence. Since I discovered “Zen Stretch” in July 2010 many aspects of my life changed. My digestion improved within 1 -2 weeks from doing something as simple as deep diaphragmatic breathing; a decrease in lower back pain and increased flexibility in problem areas in my neck, shoulders and hips. I experienced significant change in a matter of one month and began to reconnect with my body in a very calm and healing way.

    This “moving meditation” has changed my attitude and inspired me to live my daily life in a more relaxed and mindful manner. Although I am able to practice an hour of Zen Stretch in my home with my eyes closed. I choose to go to Bodhi’s class 2 -3 times a week as I find I am always learning something new each time and am always energized in his presence.

Antonio Gregorio
A starting-to-feel-creaky 50-something, I fell into Bodhi's Zen Stretch class thinking it was another yoga class....was I wrong!  Strenuous and meditative at the same time, Bodhi's unique combination of isometric exercises, qigong, yoga and breathing provide an excellent workout for both the mind and body at the same time.  Opening and lubricating those creaky joints, strengthening muscles I had forgotten about, detoxing in the heated studio.  By the end of class I feel engergized and spacious, grateful for Bodhi's enthusiastic and compassionate sharing of his broad knowledge of health and healing.
Thanks for being such a great teacher!

I love the way I feel after Zen stretch! As an athlete, we tend to be "stiffer" than the average person. When I leave Zen stretch I not only feel more muscle relaxation, but my mind is also "still". As a mother of three boys, I can appreciate the stillness that my brain encounters after Bodhi's class. Not only do I benefit as an athlete from Zen stretch by increasing my flexibility but the calmness I feel afterwards helps me sleep, so I can tackle another day of everyday life!

I love zen stretch because it helps me understand my body and it works as my medicine to live in the moment and be mindful in practice on and off the mat. It certainly has been one of the most positive influences in my life and I am so grateful to you for sharing and teaching. 

As a mother, wife and fitness competitor, my days are hectic and full of obligations. My training schedule is intense, and takes up many hours of my day, 7 days a week. I started attending Bodhi's Zen Stretch Movement class a few months ago, and it has helped me in more ways than one. The class is an amazing addition to my everyday training, it has helped me learn how to listen to my body, through deep breathing, meditation and stretching of all my muscles. During every class I feel a calmness and well being in my whole body and very importantly in my mind. The Zen Stretch class allows me to forget about everything, focus on myself, and helps me relax and stretch my overworked body. I use Bodhi's tips everyday, his words of wisdom stay with me and are my go to during stressful times. Bodhi is an amazing teacher, and I learn from him at each and every class I attend. 

"Bodhi Batista is the real deal. A newcomer to Zen Stretch (heated) classes, I was looking for something different and effective and found it.  Throughout the class Bodhi manages to address each participant individually, focussing on (and remembering) their needs. His educational instruction is easily followed, evident of his 18 plus years of practice and dedication.  Greatly respectful of your space and practice milieu the Bodhi experience is why I come back.  All the cliches apply… it's a good thing, practice what he preaches…"  Love, Peace & harmony back to you